The Cookbook

I am excited to share “For the Love of Apricots: Recipes and Memories of the Santa Clara Valley” with you! This unique cookbook will satisfy your love of apricots through more than 60 recipes beginning with Breakfast and ending with Cocktails; just like the best days of our lives. The recipes utilize every form of apricots: fresh, dried, preserves, and liqueur so that you can enjoy the wonderful taste, pleasure, and health benefits of apricots all year long.


For the Love of Apricots is also a feast for the eyes as well as the mind. Beautiful food photography blends with images of California’s apricot orchards; from today as well as not so long ago, when fruit orchards covered much of the Santa Clara Valley landscape. Reflections on what the famed Valley of Heart’s Delight was like, how it changed, and what remains, add another dimension to the cookbook.



Back cover For the Love of Apricots


Check the Upcoming Events page for special events where I will be presenting the cookbook.  I look forward to meeting you!


Sharing this cookbook with apricot lovers is an exciting step forward but not the end of the journey.  I will continue to feed the apricot community with information, recipes, and ways to advocate for California’s apricots.


I took this beautiful book to bed and as I started reading this celebration of apricots, I felt like I too was walking through the worlds’ best apricot orchards. Lisa Newman shares her passion for apricots with superb savory and sweet recipes that can be used all year long. Dreaming of apricots, and heading straight to the farmer’s market!”

Heidi Krahling
Chef/Owner of San Anselmo’s beloved Insalata’s and Marinitas restaurants, and author of “Insalata’s Mediterranean Table”

For the Love of Apricots: Recipes and Memories of the Santa Clara Valley
Published by Prince of the Orchards Publications, 2018
Food Photography Copyright © 2018 by Jessica Yager Photography
Orchard Photography Copyright © 2018 by Eric Larson