Shop for Apricots

fresh apricots on the tree
Apricots taste best close to the tree

There is nothing like eating a fresh apricot! I love their pop-in-the-mouth size, vibrant color, lavender-honey perfume and sweet-tart flavor. When I take a bite, I feel a deep nostalgia for having grown up surrounded by the fruit orchards of the Santa Clara Valley.

This year’s crop is looking good despite the chill hours being lower than needed and some cold temperatures and rain that came after the trees were in blossom. I am excited about the 2018 apricot season and will keep you posted on when to find fresh apricots at local orchards and farm shops.

Of course, you can purchase dried Blenheim apricots all year round at the orchards listed below, through mail order, and at select markets. Please visit, enjoy, and support our local apricot orchard families!